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Two LNB A Parabola

For users who use the disc positioner Parabola maybe a small problem solved, much less Positioner installed in series with the LNB (low-noise band) and receiver. Just change the satellite, a satellite dish directly get your own way.

For those who did not complete the parable + actuator positioner, would not want to choose a satellite. Or climb the roof, grab a wrench and turn the dish manually screaming - screaming the same person in front of the TV "just right yet? '. Ha ha ha ...
To solve the problem, would not have been put more ... by adding in a single LNB dish again. It could also be performed on a single disc made 4 LNB dish.
For those who want to add to the dish LNB without invitation, here's how - how.

Equipment - tools / equipment.

One. C Band LNB -> new / second, which is the mark up.
2nd. Key Diseq 4-1 -> a single cable to receiver cables and four for the LNB. Why do I recommend choosing a 4-1 switcth? maybe one day you will add another LNB to another. Doors so there are still remnants are available. The price is also not much different from Diseq swicth 2-1.
3rd. Marquetry LNB (LNB assembly) for 4 LNBs. alsannya same No. 2.
4th. Four antenna socket (standard LNB)
4th. Screwdrivers, pliers, multi insulation tester and others - others.

Step - step

One. Replace the LNB with a mountain-new.
2nd. After the second LNB installed, replace the cable LNB age. The new LNB means no cable.
3rd. Cut a long enough cable to the LNB to switch Diseq extension is installed. Must Switch diseq pole parabolic written to protect them from heat and rain.
4th. Each - every base end of the antenna cable equipped piece.
5th. The LNB cable on port 1 diseq swicth. Wires leading from the output port of the receiver diseq swicth place. - >> Normally there is information about each one - each port (for the receiver, LNB 1, LNB to 2, etc.), adjust it.
6th. Prepare the cable, while the first part (plus a little left over).
7th. Plug sockets in each - each end.
Eight. Every - every link to a new LNB fitted and port 2 in diseq swicth.
9th. Distance (axle), respectively - each LNB is 7.22 cm. (For the dish 1.8 meters) for other sizes use this formula.
Technically, the addition of a new LNB is complete. Receiver get to work in accordance with the previous addition of LNB. Because of differences in their menu - each receiver, I can not explain in more detail. In general it's just used for each LNB - each satellite.

One. In Satellite Palapa satellites go to the Edit menu - Select Port 1 -> LNB age.
2nd. In Telkom satellite, the satellite entered the Edit menu - select port 2 -> new LNB.

Navigate to the Palapa satellite dish, whether it is the correct position of the key. Press OK? Replace satellite to Telkom, it should appear immediately broadcasts without the need to change the direction of the parabola.
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