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How to Install Parabolic Antenna TV

You want to try to install a satellite dish, whether for satellite TV reception and for the purposes of Grabbing the Internet, it does not hurt for a moment time to yourself to read it here, or the installation of a satellite dish
good and direct you practice at home.

I. Tools required (not important and should not be owned)

Screwdriver, SPANA (key), pass key for tightening nuts and bolts.
Magnetic compass (East and West thermometer properly)

Water passes (see image) to the pillars that actually perpendicular.

II. Local Installation
Install the antenna in a safe place, away objects including foliage that may block the field of satellite transmissions for your parabolic dish (especially in areas east and west elevations) are generally parabolic antenna mounted on the roof of the house.

III. Antenna Equipment

LNB C-Band or Ku-Band
Dish (parabolic reflector)
Pole buffer can be set.

Note here that the antenna is actually a small tool having the shape of a needle position (small peak) LNB intersection between vertical and horizontal polarization in order to determine the beam.
While the parabolic reflector as the satellite input signal to the LNB (feedhorn) is.
Parabola shape was made and each point of the wave and curve was measured at an angle so that the signal reflection (reflection) will be focused to the LNB, so do not be too concerned with a parabolic dish that you have purchased in the market, khawatirlah but on your own if you really want can be placed antenna is perfectly fine, sure can put up your antenna should look at the way forward.

Install the antenna mast until they are essential to the dish freeway.

Make sure the antenna pole perpendicular (Important!) Use measuring equipment, such as passes, water or pendulum common thread using this pole home builders erect.

Make sure the antenna mast robust and resistant to shock and shake if necessary with cast cement, or supported, robust, and attach supporting parabolic dish and place the dish on the pole together, remember the direction of the satellite dish should be to the East and the West to the other and that magnetic compass.

Parabola highly profitable position on the equator
it does not need to adjust the elevation of the North-South

If you're already convinced and immediately attach LNB and LNB together.

When installing NLB follow the west or east to a point that is in the LNB directed to the point is the antenna elevation western or eastern appropriate.

Make sure the LNB facing the exact midpoint of the plate and not leaning left or right, be sure to tighten all screws.

For more than an installation LNB just see examples of images that exist and how form fitting remains the same except that it seemed a little strange, or use Motor (positioner and actuator) antenna LNB, if you do not want so much positioner and actuator are you will have a longer transmission as more satellites are acquired.
Use the splitter is the mixer that some output LNB to the receiver only uses a piece of cable. see example image below:

Then proceed to install the antenna cable making sure the antenna is properly installed and tight, then use a good isolatip if necessary pull isolatip use to prevent corrosion at the base of the cable, you can also use the lid to the LNB greater security of dew or rain, but remember that the cover does not cover just above the bottom of the LNB.
LNB cable tie in the buffer to make it cleaner, loosen and cable around the plate must be safe and suitable conditions so as not to interfere with the movement of the plate movement.
The next step is to search for the satellite signal is Palapa as a reference because it is the elevation angle and as a reference for other studies having the elevation angle of the satellite is different, but with the lifting motion thereof.
Use the receiver to search for signal strength and channel automatic tv, currently Reveiver this type are very sold and for a relatively cheap price. At the receiver there is usually a "Browse" button on the remote and generally will hold Bar intensity and signal quality, move to the west or parabolic dish ketimur slowly and carefully, observe the satellite signal strength (strong intensity is here as a determinant of the presence of satellites in each orbit and satellite usually sequentially), but keep in mind that even the location of the satellite in the distant sky, but in the center of the earth shifting spacing is very narrow), then the intensity signal is considered large enough, then switch to the satellite setup menu and then select the automatic search, select the "search all" or "(FTA)" and press the OK button and you will usually be able to complete with the name of the TV station's channel, if it was done live at the store and do not forget to give your name to the satellite. If this process is done, you are considered to find other TV channels in the same way as it moves toward the antenna to another position. And do not forget to mark the elevation angle of the satellites you receive or if you use the positioner and actuator plate you just make a memory storage for each satellite is acquired.
Good luck, good luck.
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