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How to Install LNB In the Parabola

I generally used in areas with parabola.maklum kreditan.atau entry system for those who can afford to buy direct link to watch live broadcasts deh.maklum received a couple technical toko.nah And if one day transmission ada.alias Ngak LNB his damaged because of corrosion. certainly should not replace a new LNB? without LNB satellite dishes and antennas, surely can not catch or transmit the signal power radiated satelit.LNB there are many types, but often used to capture the TV broadcast is LNB C band and Ku -band LNB. But TV-Tv Indonesia using more C-band.Dulu before moving to the transmission system and receiver digital.LNB still use analog systems, forms Lnbnya pengerak still using servo and use additional cables to move the LNB is quite practical polaritasnya . kini with a cable, C-band LNB now known LNBF.Kadang Technicians installing a satellite dish and the difficulty in finding siaran.Ini there are some tricks and tips learned from personal experience.

Knowing the condition of LNB
know the condition of the LNB is still in a state can be used or not, we should not know the origin of the tides, until bertahun2 even if you do not know lnbnya been damaged, mutar2 up and down dapat2 parable was not broadcast (signal). sebenarna any way to know quite easily if we use the receiver's information that certainly know their condition is broken or dial tidaknya.Caranya digital LNB, dg, dg or without a satellite dish, then go to Menu> Settings program program> add (each reseiver sometimes different but essentially the same) see frequency LNB (LNB satellite signal without signal) when they appear bagus.Bila receiver means no possibility to determine your LNB is another must see or call a satellite dish correctly if no digital signal muncul2 dg LNB try to replace another, but check before nomer2 frequency, symbol polarity, rate, 22k, etc, or the frequency of the LNB cable also pairs her conektor .. correctly.

Causes damage to the LNB and press SIGN IN
LNB damage often I find my area usually because after corrosion / rust, was closed due to the LNB that has been pierced age eaten due to heat and hujan.mau not want to have to change the LNB baru.dan if there Ngak transmission , it first digital kepencet tau PROGRAM MENU return to the MANUFACTURER. palapa for satellites to be out 22k for telecommunications satellites should be 22k (for 2 LNB), but it depends on the receiver.
And no sign often occurs because the position has changed because the parable angin.hal is characterized by multiple sticky broadcast 2x or Just a couple of transmission dapat.dan not forget to check first before each transmission are tuning parameters or change.

Installing the LNB
LNB not install also a native installation, we should know the polarity must be corrected, and straight to the plate lnbnya to designate the polarity is equipped petujuk lnd that included pembelian.Menutup LNB also influential in the durability of the LNB itself, which LNB will not quit rapid corrosion (rust) in konektornya.Kabel coal or antenna cable should also be the standard, not the use of cable wire size smaller because it will affect the signal quality.

Distance LNB
if we use more than one LNB, we must know the settings for satelitnya.Biasanya LNB LNB satellite distance of about three inches dg lainnya.misal put 4 LNBs for satellite LNB Asiasat2, Asiasat3, Telkom1, Palapac2, around 3cm distance between lnbnya . kalau to assemble their own plates lnbnya transmitted by satellite can take that away, eg ST1, Measat3, Telkom1, Palapac2.jadi distance of St dg dg MEASAT 3 cm Telkom palapa three centimeters away trus St & Mea & T with nine centimeters Pal, using plates NLD 2buah doubles pairs with distance TSB, pansang pole just above and below the focus (LNB) advice. if you do not want the hassle of assembly or installation LNB certainly much more comfortable to wear posisioner just click and a good LNB satellite in motion.
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