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The trick here is the easiest way to get all the satellite channels that can be received in your area. No need to worry anymore to surf the internet looking for a particular TV station transponder data.

Once the installation is complete parable (the parable of assuming the position is right) the next step is to find a satellite acceptable.

Tired of looking for information on the Internet, just following way I do ... guaranteed all satellites can be tracked .. Depending on the LNB is used if the type C, C + and Ku combined into a bulkhead plate search definitely more exciting again.

Make a list of satellites, does not love the first name (such as Telkom, etc JCSAT). Let's just say we do not know the page nama2 satellite. Mark each - each satellite with numbers 1, 2 and 20.

Set masing2 LNB satellite according to the type used.
Browse parable eastward, so that no residue.
We start from any satellite. 1 ... channel start hunting. Auto Scan Direct! If the receiver enough memory, choose the menu scan everything, that channel is the dollar sign ($) will be caught.
When the search is completed 100% but not getting any signal / channel, try moving the dish slightly upwards towards the top, a little. And repeat step 3. If no signal is caught, but still quite weak, try to correct the direction of the parabola ... means existing satellites detected. Scan once, it will definitely increase your channel list from satellites.
We moved to any satellite. 2nd. Repeat Step ... 3rd. if the signal can not perform step no. 4th. otherwise, may signal also continue to add corner parable.
Adjacent satellite No. 3, 4, 5 and so on.

It may not be as easy to use freq panduan/data2, but very useful if you do not have a guide. Good Luck!
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