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To assemble the existing POWER AMPLIFIER STEREO FM RADIO her it must be prepared are:

    FM STEREO TUNER KIT (select anti hiss / noise)
    STEREO TONE CONTROL KIT (choose which there is a direct regulator IC)
    OCL POWER KIT STEREO (eg OCL 200 W produck BELL)
    TRANSFORMER CT (as needed 5A-20A)

Step-by-Step Assemble stereo FM radio

    Solder the power cord to the transformer 0 - 220V and plug the Power Switch on / off
    Connect the output transformer (18V-0-18V) to the PCB Power Supply
    Connect the output Power Supply (+18 V, 0, _18V) goto STEREO PCB Power OCL. Caution: Do not reverse the polarity if reverse OCL STEREO POWER KIT can be damaged!!! Here 0 = 0V or GND (Grond / ground voltage)
    Connect the output SPK on OCL STEREO POWER KIT PCB to Terminal Sepeaker. Then try to plug the power cord into 220V electricity on the Switch and his later contact with the input on the PCB KIT STEREO POWER OCL. If you hear a loud noise on the SPK assemblies selanjutnya.Oh step forward right and yes ... Do not forget his Power OCL give the cooling fins (heatsink) large enough so that TR was not hot and it would be better given the fan too.
    Connect the 12V DC input (+, -) on KIT FM STEREO TUNER to PCB POWER SUPPLY (+18 V) should be given an extra regulator IC 7812, because the voltage is needed KIT FM STEREO TUNER is 12V. Well ... Output 12V tegagan of IC 7812 can also be used for tone control, as well as a series of galaxies, if you use the tone control and galaxies using voltage 12v. If IC 7812 overheat then give sufficient cooling and stick it on the box may be in IC 7812 is because body GND
    Connect the output (L & R) at KIT FM STEREO TUNER input to the PCB KIT STEREO TONE CONTROL. If you want his bass and treble sharper then you can add the Kit galaxy, or the like. This kit should be installed before the Tone Control.
    Connect the output (L & R) TONE CONTROL on the input (L & R) on POWER OCL. Connect the +12 V to VCC output IC 7812 and its negative to the Ground (CT transformer). But if you use the tone control to the right there are usually dual voltage IC 7815 and 7915 as a regulator. Then simply connect it to the PCB input VCC Power Supply (+18 V, 0V,-18V)
    Solder and connect the antenna to the TUNER input to the antenna.
    Thorough kembalil is correct and nothing has reversed its especially the VCC.
    ON the device and search the broadcast, if there is a signal or broadcast then the green light comes on and if the transmitter Stereo then the red light will also be lit.
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