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Digital music played with MP3 Player, iPod

Digital music using digital signal process sound reproduction. In the process of digitizing the recording format musikanalog, songs or digital music format has varied depending on the technology used, namely:


MP3 (MPEG Audio Layer 3) is the most popular format in digital music. This is because a smaller file size with quality not inferior to an audio CD. The format was developed and patented by the Fraunhofer Institute. With a bitrate of 128 kbps, MP3 files are of good quality. But the successor to MP3 Pro-MP3-format offers the same quality with half the bitrate of MP3. MP3 Pro is compatible with MP3. The MP3 player can play MP3 files Pro-but not as good as the sound quality device that supports MP3 Pro.


WAV is a sound de-facto standard in Windows. Originally result ripping of CDs recorded in this format before being converted to another format. But now this step is often skipped because the file format is compressed and therefore usually not large.


AAC stands for Advanced Audio Coding. This format is a standard part of the Motion Picture Experts Group (MPEG), since MPEG-2 standard introduced in 1997. Sample rate is offered to 96 KHz or twice MP3. This format is used Apple on its online music store, iTunes. The quality of music in this format pretty well even at low bitrate. iPod, portable digital music player from Apple, is the leading devices support this format.


Format at Microsoft, Windows Media Audio (WMA) is the preferred vendor for support for online music Digital Rights Management (DRM). DRM is a feature to prevent the piracy of music, it was feared by the current music studio. Excess WMA music quality is better than MP3 or AAC. This format is quite popular and is supported by software and the latest hardware in general.

    Ogg Vorbis

Ogg Vorbis is the only file format that is open and free. Other formats mentioned above are generally patented and software developer or hardware manufacturer must pay a license for a product that can play the file associated with the format.
In terms of quality, excess Ogg Vorbis is a high quality padabitrate lower than other formats. Popular software, Winamp and pioneer Rio portable MP3 player supports this format in the models. Nevertheless, hardware support for this format is still rare.

    Real Audio

One format that is commonly found in low bitrate. The format of RealNetworks is commonly used in audio streaming services. At 128 kbps bitrate up RealAudio using the standard MPEG-4 AAC.


One audio format is better suited to the sound produced olehsynthesizer or other electronic devices, but not suitable for the conversion of the analog voice because it is not very accurate. Formatted files are small and are often used in cell phones as a ringtone.
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