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Application To Determine Parabolic Antenna Position

Sometimes we have difficulty determining the coordinates of a satellite dish that we had in the house for each course, to get the satellite signal with good quality. Especially when using only one plate pattern. If you already have a satellite dish and LNB with the latest models plus stick with sich dish position no matter the engine because the device average signal reception (receiver) digital can now automatically create your own database to search positions (research) that serve multiple types of satellite television programs that have fun :)

As a reference for determining the position of a satellite dish, which can refer to Lyngsat site, featuring a wide variety of satellite positions and always update it if there is a change in the positions of the satellites occasionally, for broadcast television via satellite dishes can be accepted with good quality. Especially for us who live in Indonesia, the national television household existing Palapa C2 and Telkom 1, with full details can be read here. Furthermore, to be transmitted abroad references to other satellites that already exist.

To determine the position of a satellite dish with the exact position coordinates to get good quality, we can also use an existing application program, such as: Satellite Antenna Alignment, which can be downloaded here. Where the application program and a database complete with reference links describing the position of each satellite is clearly include: azimuth, elevation angle, Offset Antennas, transponders, Lyngsat Reference, Reference SatcoDX files and existing database can be exported to a file with the extension * xls. , *. doc, *. csv and *. html you can save the backup data that already exists in satellite positioning

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