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well .... This country white elephant is very common in sex so do not be surprised if you're watching tv or Thailand fitting 8:00 3:00, there were scenes semi-hot chick in bed with a man or woman clothed with no minimum to the entire back of the woman's body was look, it's the day ........... especially if you add a warm evening, performances and film semi papaya are common ...... well if the TV in Indonesia would have been subject to censorship or even should not be executed ..... Jove! no wonder that Thailand country ranks highest in the spread of HIV AIDS ... perhaps this is the cause
Sources of Heat TV shows Thailand is twofold:

Banda C and can be caught with ordinary dish has a unit, so that your plate should be directed to the west to a position of 78.5, the channel can be captured with different types of receivers, even when the HD is like new Matrix HD Ethernet nicer
Ku-band satellite dish and can be caught with my banda (former star, orange tv, Aora TV, centrin) using the Matrix HD Ethernet receiver to capture NEW NSS six satellite IPM

Here is a list of TV Thailand THAICOM 5 in 78.5 degrees East beam position worldwide, which can be captured in Indonesia:

click to set your dish, place your plate heading west on NSS 6 at 78.5 or dish banda ku

And this is your channel list:

GEN C: tv for children contains hot scenes (Japanese girl wearing a bikini, etc.)
TV home happy - Broadcast Midnight hot is the hottest channel on dish
Click channel: Internet TV information, sales of mobile games advertising, advertising sales and ad sales and wallpaper porn porn VCDs
Fashion TV Brazil: although not in Thailand, Fashion TV is THAICOM 5, wow so hot
MITI 4 - channel special mystery and ghost often too vulgar
Thai Chaiyo: entertainment, theater, songs Thailand public especially low class / rural communities
Moreover, the channel of Health: Information about health and healthy living
M channel: channel-specific and uncensored movies
T Sport Channel: Thailand sport
Bangkok City Channel: general entertainment such as train Trans
Film / good channel: an old movie or sometimes turn into a good channel
TNN 24: internal news in Thailand No international Thai Idioms
Thai TV5: TV empire
Ch Farm: livestock and agriculture information to the citizens of Thailand
Central ch: general entertainment, as Trans7
Jating ja: entertainment for children and general public
Modernine TV
Miracle TV: TV miracle Buddha
Thailand Shop: home shopping as lejel or gogo or DRTV
Pop Channel: play music thai and western Child
Motor Show Special
Dear TV: TV for the young about helping lifestyleOrderNeed? Use the Help tab in the upper right of your screen.
BKK TV: information and news, sometimes there are scenes hotnya
Ch NICE: tv shows and cooking information n restaurant design house
KM ch: General entertainment
Zaa Network: TV special to know about Gossip Girl, music, lifestyle n teen
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