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Mixer circuit LM348 IC 3 Chanel

The series features three channel microphone mixer and made ​​with LM348 IC. The series of mixer channel 3 is to mix audio signals from the microphone on standard microphone amplifier. A series of mixer channel 3 is not equipped with a control tone to the use of a mixer for sound and practical covers three speakers or users at once. Sequence of images and a list of components to create a series of mixer 3 channels can be seen in the following figure.

Rangkian 3 channel mixer is made with 4 pieces of the operational amplifier (op-amp) in an integrated circuit LM348. A series of three channel mixer can be supplied with a voltage source DC symmetrical ± 12 volts. 3 chanel mixer circuit in the image above rangkian using microphone amplifier or microphone preamp with LM348 IC, which is defined as a voltage amplifier non-inverting. 3 canal microphone amplifier circuit above can be used to amplify and combine the signals from the microphone type moving coil (dynamic microphone). System level control and microphone volume on 3 channels mixer circuit with LM348 IC is above these tau brackish microphone preamplifier mic amp, which is intended to be a signal from the microphone 1 and the other is not affected by the other. A series of mixer 3 power amplifier channels above requires that the microphone signal can be used to drive the loudspeaker (speaker). Power amplifier to the series third channel mixer is better to use a power amplifier with symmetric voltage of ± 12 V DC supply for the system, so that the mixer and power amplifier circuit can be 1.
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