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Audio Mixer 6 Channel

The following is a main of the mixer-6 Ch circuit. The circuit constituted by six input channels. The channels are from monophonic channels CH 1-4 and CH 5-6, are intended for stereo use. The number of input channels they want as long Itself Can Increase You Want.

The output of Each channel drives the RV1-6, that regulation potesometer level of sound. With RV7-12 We create conditions of balance Between two channels (BALANCE). All the signals from the input channels in this point are added by two adders [IC1a-b], for Each channel Here exist two Trimmer TR1-2 That adjust the gain of Each IC, adapting the level of signal of the output, in the level That We Want. They Can be suppressed if you do not need something and Standard and Poor. The next stage is a equalizer, three bands of regulation. The IC3α-b, constitute the output of the mixer, they want a one acre have gain and they want the make the essential isolation of the previous stages, with the unit That We Will drives. For whoever they want want they want use headphones, it exists a classic circuit drive of headphones, round the IC2a-b, that give the output in the JF13. It Can Also Also exist optical clue of audio levels, with a stereo VUMETER.

List component

    R25-26=22Kohms .
    RV1....4=47Kohms Log.
    RV5-6-13=2X47Kohms Log.
    RV7....12=10Kohms Lin. pot. Log
    C1....8=10uF 25V
    C9-11=47pF ceramic or mylar
    C10-12=47uF 25V
    C13-14=100uF 25V
    C15-16=2.2uF 16V
    C18-21=100pF ceramic or mylar
    C19-20=220uF 25V
    TR1-2=4.7Kohms trimmer
    IC2=NE5532 - TL072

All the Resistors is 1/4W 1% metal film C18-21=100pF ceramic or mylar

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