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Now it should not have to wrestle again seek op-amp, transistor and other components to realize a massive circuit of regulators, because the circuit of this kind have been packed into a fixed voltage regulator IC. Currently, many components known as the 78XX series fixed positive voltage regulator and the 79XX series is a voltage regulator to remain negative.

Even the components are usually already equipped with a flow divider (current limiter) and also the constraint temperature (thermal shutdown). This component is only three pins, and by adding some components can only have a circuit of ration power ter-regulation with either.

For example, 7805 is a voltage regulator to get a 5 volt, 7812 voltage regulator 12 volt, and so on, for example, while the 79XX series is the 7905 and 7912 respectively are negative voltage regulators 5 and 12 volt.


The adapter has a set of outputs (output) 12 volt which is teregulasi well. If the components that were installed in accordance with the scheme under the set of the circuit of this adapter safe burdened to 5 ampere, if you want this adapter is able to provide a greater flow you can add a power transistor (2N3055) and replace the bridge diode with diode which has a more ampere high. Exodus circuit of this adapter can be used to run the tape the car, the radio transmitter, CCTV cameras, and other electronics equipment.

Gbr. Skema rangkaian adaptor 12 volt, 5 ampere

List of components adapter 12 volt:

    D1-D4 = 6 A
    D5 = 1 A
    C1 = 4700u/50V
    C2 = 220u/25V
    C3 = 100u/25V
    R1 = 1k
    R2 = 0.2Ohm/5Watt
    F1 = Fuse (skring) 2 A
    F2 = Fuse (skring) 6 A
    IC1 = 7812
    TR1 = 2N3055
    T1 = Trafo 15Volt/5A

Scheme following a circuit of adapter has the ability to supply higher current (20 ampere is reached). For fans radio transmitter (radio station) following a circuit of adapter is suitable to use. Provide a good cooling on the power transistor (MJ 2955) because the transistor will be very hot when the adapter to provide a large flow.

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