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Zener Diode

A diode is usually considered as a component that distribute electricity in one direction, but the Zener diode is such that current can flow in the opposite direction, when the applied voltage overshoot "broken stress" (breakdown voltage) or "Zener voltage".

Diode will not allow electric current to flow in the opposite if the reverse-biased (reverse-biased) below the breakdown voltage. If you exceed the breakdown voltage, regular diode will be damaged because of excess electrical current that causes heat.

However, this process is reversible if done within limits. In the case of rationing-forward (in the direction of the arrow), the diode will provide voltage drop (voltage drop) of about 0.6 Volt usual for silikon.Tegangan diode drop depends on the type of diode.

A Zener diode has properties similar to normal diode, except that the device is especially designed with a greatly reduced breakdown tengangan, called Zener voltage. A Zener diode has a pn junction are heavily doped, which allows electrons to penetrate (tunnel) from the valence band of the p-type material to the conduction band of n-type material.

A zener diode is reverse-biased will exhibit a controlled breakdown and let the current flow to keep the voltage drop to remain on the zener voltage. For example, a 3.2 volt zener diode voltage drop would show if given a 3.2 Volt power supply and forth. However, because the current is not unlimited, so the Zener diode is typically used to generate the reference voltage, or to stabilize the voltage for small current applications.
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