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Photo Diodes

Photo diode is a type of diode that functions to detect light. Unlike normal diode, an electronic component will transform the light into electric current. The light can be detected by photo diodes ranging from infrared light, visible light, ultra violet to X-rays. Photo diode applications ranging from vehicle counters are automatically public street, the light meter in a camera and some equipment in the medical field.

Electronics components similar to Photo Diodes Photo Transistors are (Phototransistor). Photo Transistor is basically a type of bipolar transistors using contact (junction) base-collector to receive the light. These components have better sensitivity compared to Photo Diode. This is because the electrons generated by the photons of light at this junction in the Base-injected and amplified in the collector. However, the response time of the photo-transistors generally will be slower than on Photo Diodes.
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