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Electrolytic Capacitor (Condenser Electrolite = Elco)

Electrolytic Electrolytic Capacitor or Condenser (often abbreviated Elco) is a condenser that is usually tubular, having two poles of positive and negative polarity legs, long legs characterized by positive or negative short while near the minus sign (-) is the negative leg. Rated capacity of 0.47 μF (microfarads) to thousands of microfarads with working voltage of a few volts to thousands of volts.

Electrolytic Capacitor / Elco
Besides electrolyte capacitor (Elco) having a polarity, there's also a polarity elco capacitor types that solid capacitors are tantalum.dan there Elco Non Polarity (on foot no pole (+) and (-)

Solid Tantalum Capacitor

Elco Non Polar
General deterioration of the electrolytic capacitors include:
Dried (capacity change)
Burst, which caused wrong in giving positive and negative voltage, if the voltage exceeded the maximum limit can also explode.
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