Thursday, January 3, 2013



DYNAMIC ELECTRICAL: dynamic electricity is electricity is moving. How to measure current strength in dynamic power is the electrical charge dibagai time with the unit and the electric charge is unit of time is the second coulumb. Strong currents in the circuit branches with Kuata input stream with strong currents leaving. while a series circuit current strength remains the same every obstacle edges. Resistance strain quite different. a voltage series circuit depends on the resistance, but the voltage branch circuit has no effect on strength. all that has been stated by Kirchhoff's law, which reads. "The number of strong electric currents that go along with the amount of electrical current coming out strong." Ohm's Law can be summarized as measuring resistance × voltage current is strong. Barriers value is always the same as the voltage is proportional to the current intensity. strain has units of volts (V) and the current intensity is amperes (A) and resistance is ohm.

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