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Danger of static electricity

1. Lightning
Lightning caused the excess electron cloud on the roof of a building, then to construct induced a positive charge. Springboard electrons occurs from the cloud to the roof because of the force of attraction between the two. This event caused the building to avoid being struck by lightning strikes petir.Untuk roof equipped with arrester protects petir.Penangkal building as follows:
Leaving a cloud of electrons to flow through the arrester and to the floor. If the positively charged air molecules gathered around the pointed end of the arrester flows out, then the electrical charge induced on the roof and partially reduced negative charge at neutral be cloud, so that the possibility of a short circuit is minimized .

2. Fire sprinkler
Rounds the truck runs produce negative charge derived from friction of the tire with the road. The inside of the tire adjacent to the metal becomes positively charged by induction. This can cause a fire. To avoid the incident trucks gasoline or other flammable materials come with a metal piece at the back of the car hits the ground. These metals conduct electrons from the ground to neutralize the positive charge on the metal body of the car before the fire.

3. Electrostatic Hazards in Aircraft
The static electricity discharged plane of the ends of the fuselage structure of the roof wing and tail shaped an arrester in shape and elongated adhesive metal aircraft instrument was protected in such a manner, but can also occur, although only a visual. Visual is visible when the aircraft is at an altitude of 30,000 feet and altimeter adjusted to 29.92Hg and ION2 free particles in the air will be affected by friction planes and electromagnetic radiation signal HP will increase by a certain percentage of radiation in the plane, wherein HP will be considered as a signal radiation and is absorbed by the structure of the body and dumped at each end of the fuselage, can cause electrostatic discharge ends brightness and lightning lit up a small box. This is not dangerous, but if the frequency is the same as HP's plans could cause aircraft engines to die.

4. Electrostatic Hazards in Railway
Wheels KA type ferritic steel, has a very strong magnetic field. The magnetic field is what can lead to the vehicle engine died in the middle of the rails. Normally, a single death is a gasoline vehicle gasoline-powered vehicles, because endaraan still uses platinum and CDI. When exposed to a magnetic field, then the ignition will not be affected so that the engine may die. While solar is different. In addition to the above 12 volts accunya also do not use platinum.

5. The pump electrostatic hazards
29 fires occurred in the vehicle entered and played back from the nozzle during refueling from a variety of makes and models. To avoid this, you should never go back into your vehicle while fueling is in progress. If you really had to get back to your vehicle while the gas is pumping, make sure you leave, close the door, touching metal before you pull the nozzle out. Thus, the static body will be discharged before you remove the nozzle.

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