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Ceramic Capacitor (Ceramic Capacitor)

Some round shape is thin, there is a red square, green, brown and so on lain.Dalam mount circuit board (PCB), may be inverted because it does not have the positive and negative legs. Has a capacity ranging from a few up to hundreds of pico Farad Farad Kilopiko (KPF). With a maximum working voltage of 25 volts to 100 volts, but there is also to thousands of volts.

How to read the value of the capacitor Ceramic:
Examples of such in his written = 203, rated capacity = 20,000 pF = 20 KPF = 0.02 μF.
If the body is written = 502, the value of capacity = 5000 pF = 5 KPF = 0.005 μF

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