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Benefits of static electricity

1. Van de Graff generator
Electric charges obtained menggosok.Untuk get used electrical charge huge Van de Graaff generator. The friction between the rubber band and accessible players causing an elastic electrically charged. The electric charge is stored on the ball logam.Distribusi electric charge is on the outer surface of a hollow sphere.

2. Smoke coagulation
This tool eliminates ash particles from the burning gas, thereby reducing air pollution. The tool consists of a thread of tobacco coagulation and metal plates, wires made of negative charge, wherein the ash particles that pass through a wire negatively charged. Metal plate with positive charge would be made so that attract dust particles negatively charged. Agglomerated ash particles which then fall to the bottom cerbong easier to clean. Technical smoking coagulation is often used in steel mills, cement factories and chemical plants emit much smoke.

3. Spray Paint
Granules ink aerosol to be charged when rubbed with a spray nozzle and air. If the object being painted is charged opposite, then the grain will be attracted to the body paint thing. This method is very effective, efficient and inexpensive.

4. Copiers
Copiers use a different electrical charge call. A pattern of positive charge on the plate before, portray black areas to be duplicated, attract negatively charged particles of fine black powder called toner, toner is so negatively charged because dealing with glass beads in the developer tray. The pattern of toner transferred to the sheet and baked in it.

5. Laser printer
When the spins of positively charged battery, the brightness of the laser across the surface is not charged. Laser will draw on the paper negatively charged. After passing through a rotating drum of paper will pass through the fuser. In part, this paper will fuser to heat, which is why the role was warm when out of the printer. Laser printers faster, more accurate and more economical.

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