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The antenna is a device used to propagate radio waves or electromagnetic or used to receive radio waves or electromagnetic.

Broadcast is a process of transferring radio or electromagnetic wave transmission line in the free space via a transmitting antenna. While acceptance is also a process of receiving radio waves or electromagnetic free space through the receiving antenna.

Typically, either a conductor of electric current can be used as an antenna. If the current conductor is changing, will radiate an electromagnetic wave that is not efficient.

If an antenna is used to transmit radio waves, the flow of electric current and will vibrated by the transmitter over the antenna cable or rod. The energy generated from vibration cas-cas will be issued to the free space as radio waves. The antenna is used for reception would impose an electric current in a wire or iron. Flow will be doubled by radio waves received.

Parameters must be taken into account in the antenna

  1. The production of energy from antenna
  2. Shipyard (impedance)
  3. Keefisenan
  4. bandwidth (bandwidth)
  5. Receive and send signals
  6. network

Types of antennas

  1. Yagi-Uda
  2. horn antennas
  3. dish

The function of an antenna is to convert electrical signals into an electromagnetic signal, and meradiasikannya (release of electromagnetic energy for air / space). And conversely, the antenna can also be used to receive electromagnetic signals (Recipients of free space electromagnetic energy) and convert it into electrical signals. In radar or satellite communications systems, often found an antenna that performs both functions (peradiasi and receiver) as well. However, in a radio telescope antenna, receiver function just run it.
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