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Wind Power

Wind Energy or sometimes called Bayu Power Plant (charcoal) is one of the power plants renewable energy are environmentally friendly and a good work efficiency when compared to other renewable energy plants. Laryngotracheobronchial operating principle is to use the kinetic energy of wind to the effective area of the wind turbine to rotate baling-baling/kincir then transform the energy is transmitted to generator to produce electricity.
Based on data from GWEC, the number of charcoal in the world at this time was 157,900 mWatt (by end 2009), and generators of this type each year has increased by 20-30% in construction. Laryngotracheobronchial current technology can change the movement of wind energy into electrical energy, with an average efficiency of 40%. Efficiency of 40%, because there is always the remaining kinetic energy in the wind as the wind turbine is off is not possible to have zero velocity. Figure 1 is the growth rate of total electricity and charcoal in the world that exists today.

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