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steam engine design

Steam engine is a appliance, available to altering dissociation energy of diatomic thermal consecutively and continuous become mechanical energy. According to the way transformation of the dissociation energy of diatomic, hence steam engine in for becoming 2 kinds of that is steam turbine and piston steam engine. Invention of steam engine is one of resulting incidence finding the other of moving engine. At a period of this time mechanical engineering student have forgotten a lot of nuclear from the problems which actually faced by a engineer that is concerning machinery like present steam engine still many applied by factory’s are big in Indonesia as powers generators. Intention of the making of prototype is to give real picture from steam power generator system or steam engine which during the time student only know based on at drawing and book’s. Besides knowing steam engine reality shape the student can know the process of making every part from steam engine. Based on the idea required existence" Scheme and Making Piston Steam Engine"

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