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Solar Panels Solar Power Generation

Generating your own electricity at home? This was possible with the installation of solar panels / solar cells, solar panels - solar cells convert sunlight into electricity. The electricity is stored in a battery switch, battery lights.
In the use of solar panels / solar cells to generate electricity at home, there are some things we need to consider, because the characteristics of the solar panel / solar cell:

Solar panel / solar cell requires sunlight. Place the solar panel / solar cell in a position where not obstructed by objects in the morning until evening.
Solar panels - Solar cells generate direct current DC power.
For efficiency, the use of DC lighting, such as LED lamps.
Installing a new cable specifically for DC Direct for the following devices such as: lighting based on LED (light emitting diode), CCTV camera, wi-fi (wireless fideliity), etc..
If we create a new home, it is advisable to use electricity and solar panel / solar cell. Solar panel / solar cell is used for most lighting (in this case, using direct DC) and alternating current AC PLN for devices such as: air conditioning, minibar, partially lighting.
When the DC power stored in the battery to turn on the air conditioner to use: water pump, refrigerator, etc. will require an inverter to convert DC power to AC. Adjusting the energy needs required with solar panels, inverter, battery.

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