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How does Power Generator

 Electric generator is a dynamo, who served as a power plant. This electrical generator converts kinetic energy into electrical energy. Electric generator was discovered by Faraday in 1831. At that time, an electric generator is made in the form of a coil of wire iron U-shaped Electric generators are known by disc name Faraday generator. The operation of an electric generator is the use of electromagnetic induction, by rotating a coil in a magnetic field that causes induction energy.

There are two main components to the electric generator, namely: Sator (fixed part) and the rotor (movable parts). The rotor is connected with the shaft of the electric generator rotates at the center of the stator. Then the generator shaft is generally played with the effort coming from the outside, for example from a water turbine and a steam turbine.

Based on the type of electrical current, power generators can be divided into two types, namely alternator power generator (AC) generator and the electric dynamo (DC). Here is a description of how the electric generator:

# AC electric generator

In AC power generator, there are 2 parts of the stator. Pole - opposite magnetic poles facing up so that the two magnetic poles are generated magnetic fields. In nature there is a simple rotating magnetic field kumpran on its axis. Because the coil is always turning, then the amount of magnetic force that goes to the coil also always change - change. The nature of the electrical current generated by this type AC power generator back - back with a waveform like; amplitude depends on the magnetic field intensity, the number of turns of wire, and a broad cross section of the coil, as well as wave frequency equal to the frequency of shaft rotation.


The operation of a DC electric generator similar to the functioning of AC electricity generator. The only difference being the DC power generator using a split ring or commonly called a switch off. Switch allows the electric current supplied to the induction of an electrical circuit such as the DC electricity flow to the coil to produce therein alternating current.
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