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Electrical Power and Energy Calculations

1 Calculation of electric power on the system PLTMH

• Power turbine shaft

Pt = 9.81 xQxHx n (1)

• Power is transmitted to the generator

Ptrans = 9.81 x Q x H x nt x nbelt (1)

• Power generated generator

P ~. = 9.81 x Q x H x nt x nbelt x NGEN (3)


Q = discharge, m3

H = effective head, m

ill: = efficiency of turbine

= 0.74 for crossflow turbine T-14

= 0.75 for open flume propeller turbines locally

nbelt = 0.98 for flat belt, 0.95 for V belt

NGEN = generator efficiency

This generator power generated will be supplied to the user. In planning the amount of power demand at the load center must be under terbangkit power capacity, so that the voltage is stable and the system became more reliable (long-lived)

2. Electricity needs of the community

Electricity needs of society, especially the rural electrification program is very limited. This is based on the availability of water resources potential, the ability to maintain and finance the use of electricity, as well as the amount of development costs.

One limiting factor is. the selection of the smallest current limiters on the market, which is 0.5 A, so that power can be used for the installation of each connection by an average of 110 W. The use of electricity to rural communities PLTMH, specifically for lighting used at night with a consideration of the day most people work.

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